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Update: Oct 2016

In this “My Stay in Budget Hotel” blog, I share you my experience during my stay in dorms, budget hotels, nice hotels ^^ when traveling, include the photos and maps.

It’s actually related to my posting about “Budget Hotel” in my other blog “” which covers more on my travel journal and expense report. I compiled all my hotel reviews into one post there that it became too long, made it difficult to read. So I moved it here, to this blog, where I can write longer about each accommodation.

Anyway, the review I wrote here is based on accommodation I’ve stayed or I’ve had a sneak peek before. They are located in Indonesia (mostly Bali), Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. I usually travel within Indonesia (Bali) and South East Asia (free visa) with my backpack, although I consider myself more as a flashpacker because some accommodation here might not be categorized as ‘budget’. Most of the accommodation here provides breakfast and has swimming pool. The price is based on my last stay.

Well, I hope my reviews will be helpful to all backpackers / flashpackers in Indonesia and around the world.

Cheers ^^

[ How to read the review easily ]

1. Go to the following post for main review list

My Stay in Indonesia (for accommodation in Indonesia)
My Stay in Overseas (for accommodation outside Indonesia)

2. Click the accommodation name and it will link you to its review.

3. My Rating
[ ♥ ]  heart means how much my ‘love’ for each accommodation, 4 hearts is the highest

[ My Fave and the Least Fave accommodation ]

category: |A| dorm/shared room, |B|  below USD50/nite incl bfast, |C| USD 50 above/nite incl bfast

My Most Favorite Accommodation
|A| Lub Sbuy Guesthouse in Phuket Town, Thailand
|B| Fave Hotel Seminyak in Seminyak and Baleka Hotel in Legian – Bali, Indonesia
|C| Hard Rock Hotel in Kuta beach – Bali, Indonesia

So NOT My Fave
|A| Homestay from Putra Karimunjawa Tour in Karimunjawa island – Central Java, Indonesia
|B| Yulia Beach Inn in Kuta – Bali, Indonesia
|C| Kuta Lagoon Resort in Legian – Bali, Indonesia

My Worst Stay
> Yulia Beach Inn in Kuta – Bali Indonesia
> Fat Yogi Cottage in Poppies Lane Kuta – Bali Indonesia

[ My Yearly Review ]

2013 in review ‘like & dislike’

About Author

Traveling around the world, visiting many places, experiencing new cultures’ have always been a dream of mine..

more about me, just click here  ^^


I love traveling to an island or places with beach and I am so lucky that Indonesia is my home country because it has so many destination that can meet my needs. The country has thousand of islands and many big islands divided into some provinces which have smaller islands around them. Meanwhile I made this list based on the big/popular islands, ie. Bali island, Lombok island, Java island, my city Jakarta. Enjoy ^^/

My Recent Stay

  • Pop! Hotel Kuta beach, Kuta beach area, southern part Bali, ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Pucuk Bali Guest House, Batu Bolong street, Canggu, southern part Bali, ♥ ♥ ♥
  • The Spot Legian Hotel, Legian street, Kuta, southern part Bali, ♥ ♥ ♥
    my tripadvisor review: close to party places
  • Simpang Inn, Legian street, Kuta, southern part Bali, ♥ ♥ ♥
    my tripadvisor review: The first stay is better…
  • The Loft Legian Hotel, Melasti street, Legian, southern part Bali, ♥ ♥ ♥
    my tripadvisor review: Near Kuta beach


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I listed the accommodation based on the country I visited.

last stay:  January 2012

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

< Chinatown area >

  • A Beary Good Hostel, ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (SGD26/bed in a 10-bed mixed dorm, AC on Jan 2011 through Hostelbookers )
  • Beary Nice Hostel, I would like to try this hostel next (same rate as Beary Good Hostel)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

< Phuket Town >

  • Lub Sbuy Gueshouse, ♥   (275baht/bed in 4-bed female dorms, fan, no bfast on Jan 2012 through HostelBookers)

< Koh Phi Phi Don >

  • The Rock Backpacker, ♥  (300 baht/bed in a 14-beds mixed dorm ,fan room, no bfast on Jan 2012)
  • Flower Bungalow
  • Mr. Local Hostel

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Happy New Year All.

Time passes so fast. It’s 2014 now and hm.. I still have some reviews from 2013 that I haven’t put in here. Anyway, lets see what’s been going on in 2013 .


I didn’t travel much this year comparing to 2012 and all my travel I did was within Indonesia. But I’m grateful that I can still go outside my city. Everything becomes expensive here since the gasoline price risen up. Well, here goes the accommodation I like& dislike in 2013:

Dorms– Share rooms

I only stayed in one dorm last year : Gili Hostel in Gili Trawangan, Lombok. Will I choose it as the best dorm in 2013? Well, I won’t if it’s based on my stay that period. They have cleanliness issue but the owner told me that they’d take care that. So maybe it’s been handled by now.

gili hostel - bedroom


As I did in my 2012 in review ‘like & dislike’  post, I categorize the hotels according to the room rate I got.

for below USD 50/nite with/without, I stayed in 4 hotels in 2013. Two are in Bali, Tune Hotel Kuta and Tune Hotel Legian. The others are in Lombok, The Wira Guesthouse and Sendok Hotel, both in Senggigi area. It’s actually difficult to choose my fave between Tune Hotel Legian and Sendok Hotel Senggigi. Both are clean, good location and I would stay there again. But if I have to choose one, my choice for best hotel in this category is Tune Hotel Legian . My reason is more to the surrounding crowds. Many people in the area so if I am on solo travel, I would stay here more than a nite. Senggigi is just too quiet to be alone. Choosing my least fave hotel is also difficult because these hotels’ service and facility are above my expectation. But again, if I have to choose, the least fave one would be The Wira Guesthouse because of the ants attack in the bathroom. It doesn’t last long but my review would be 5 stars if that didn’t happen.

the wira guesthouse senggigi

for above USD 50/nite with/without breakfast, I stayed in  4 hotels in 2013. They are Blue Beach Cottage I in Gili Trawangan/Lombok, Baleka Hotel in Legian/Bali, and the others are in Bandung, West Java: Gumilang Regency Hotel in Lembang area, Vio Hotel in Pasteur area. And my fave is Baleka Hotel because of its friendly staffs and cleanliness. It’s my second stay there and it’s better than the first one. While my least fave would be Vio Hotel Pasteur because I found out that they served moldy bread on their breakfast. OMG, who does that to their guest ><”


For review on my trip in 2013, like & dislike, you can go to my Travelling Angel blog “My Blog in 2013 Review ‘like & dislike’“


Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,400 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


Try spending my money wisely for traveling ^^

Cheers to 2014 ^^/

This homestay is part of a tour to Karimunjawa organized by Putra Karimunjawa Tour.

address :
> somewhere in the middle of island. it’s difficult to describe it in detail. I just remember it’s about 15min drive from main pier and 15min walk to the small pier.

contact :
> phone: +6287765267037 (owner’s mobile)
> website :

period of stay :  October 2012

room rate :  it’s included in the tour package from Putra Karimunjawa Tour

related to my trip journal Time to explore Karimunjawa islands !!

my rating : none

There are 4 rooms in the house. We are like staying in local people house so there are living room, tv, complete kitchen set, etc. The room I got is so damped, no ventilation, just using a fan. There are 4 people in a room with 2 big beds so we have to share it. I was sweating everytime I woke up, like just been to a sauna. So I cannot give my vouch for this homestay. I prefer staying in a room with ventilation or AC next time.

Good things, there are 2 bathrooms outside with fresh water instead of sea water. The weather is nice and the owner is friendly too.

photo :

address :
> Senggigi Main Street km 8, Lombok  (please see the map below)
> Direction: if you come from bangsal pier, you’ll find it on your right side, before Mascot beach resort.

contact :
> phone: +62370692153
> website :

period of stay :  March 2013

room rate :  Rp150,000 for fan roon, no bfast

related to my trip journal A quick look at Gili Trawangan and Senggigi, Lombok island

my rating : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Actually I reserved a bed in their dorm room. One bed costs about Rp75k through . But when I check in, I asked how much their private room was and they gave me Rp150,000 for fan room without breakfast. Good bargain! I just took it.

The staff then guide me to my room, through a nice path surrounded by a garden. When entering the room, I was surprise. It was HUGE!!! I’ve never been in 150k fan room like this. Awesome ^^ The bathroom is nice too with some rocks on the floor. I checked out what was in their porch and I saw small garden, beautiful! Basically it is a clean place, BUT there are some bugs and ants on the porch floor. And I found hundreds of ants in the bathroom ><”  I reported to their front office and they handled it quickly. After some insect spray and cleaning, I didn’t see any more ants.

Other than this ants problem and also hearing live music till midnight which I consider minor factor,  I would highly recommend this place. The reasons are not just from their spacious room, but also some other factors. Let me put them as follows:

  •  Huge affordable room
  •  Friendly staffs
  •  Fast wifi
  •  Strategic location with mini mart accross the street and ATM 10m from their place.
  •  Located next to the street to Senggigi beach, about 5min walk to the beach. In that street, you’ll find affordable massage place, cafe arcade etc.

Overall, I would definitely stay here on my next visit to Senggigi ^^

photo :

inside the room, it’s really spacious!

the wira guesthouse senggigi

outside the room, with beautiful garden

outside the room

the MAP (click for larger view)

the wira senggigi map

address :
> Gili Trawangan island, Lombok  (please see the map)
> Direction: after you jump off the boat, turn right and walk along the road for about 5min. Find Cafe Fortuna on your left. Then after this cafe, there will be a small alley with a little sand path to Gili Hostel.

contact :
> phone: +6287765267037 (owner’s mobile)
> website :

period of stay :  March 2013

room rate :  Euro 12.47 through HostelBookers for 1 bed, AC, Bfast (through hostelbookers)

related to my trip journal :  A quick look of Gili Trawangan and Senggigi, Lombok island

my rating : ♥ ♥ ♥

Gili Hostel is a nice hostel that needs a bit improvement on things that look small but can be the key factor of its success or failure. Why did I say this?

It’s my first visit to Lombok so I am very excited. I spent a nite in gili and chose to stay in this hostel. When I arrived, the front office guy greeted me kindly. I made the payment in advance and requested a receipt. But he said they didn’t provide any receipt. Based on my experience, it is important to get the payment receipt. You don’t want to be double-charge at the end but if the hostel doesn’t have it, I cannot force them. I paid Rp144,000, the balance payment after deposit to Hostelbookers and  I still had this ‘hard to trust’ attitude and managed to have them showed me the evidence  for my payment. They then showed the book and apparently it was written that I paid Rp135k. It’s only 9k short but hey, no one wants to get blame for this shortage right??  Lucky I caught that.

After payment matter settled, that guy offered me if I wanted a deposit for locker’s lock and blanket.  It was a bit weird to have deposit for a blanket. But I brought my own padlock and a cloth that I can use as a blanket, so no need for deposit.

At 12 noon, I got into my room. It’s really clean. There are like 2 stories inside the room with 6 beds in lower level and 2 beds in upper level. AC works well and the locker is big enough for my backpack. After unpacking it, I checked out the bathroom which is not bad. Then I checked out the toilet and oh… it smelled really bad. Like someone p*ed and didn’t flush. There were many tissues on the floor too. This smell and garbage issues really bothered me, especially when I saw the ‘p*op leftover’ inside the toilet.. Yaiks!! Ew… ><” I informed it to their front office but when I returned from my dive, that ‘thing’ was still inside the toilet seat. What an unpleasant scene.

Apart from that, their rooftop bar is a very nice place to hangout and relax with a very affordable drinks. Had a cider beer for about 35k, if I am not mistaken, which it costs 50k in other places. Just small issue with the stain on the pillow’s cover that made it looks dirty.

Their breakfast is kinda perfect. I had banana pancake, orange juice, tea and fruits.

So to be honest, I would give this hotel a perfect review if they could manage taking care of all my points above (hotel receipt, blanket deposit, pillows’ cloth, esp their cleanliness issue). It might be small things but I believe most of the guests would love it even more if those points are taken care for. But if it’s still going on and on like this especially that cleanliness issue, I (and maybe other travelers) would prefer staying in other place than having to experience that unpleasant toilet scene.

photo :

rooftop bar with affordable drinks

rooftop bar

bedroom, it looks much cleaner than this picture 🙂

gili hostel - bedroom

the MAP (click for larger view)

Gili Hostel map

address :
> Jl Kubu Bene, Legian. Bali 80361

contact :
> phone: +62 21 5296 0490
> reference :

period of stay :  November 2012

room rate :  USD 29.97 through for single, AC, include Bfast

related to my trip journal :  Hotel Hopping ?!? Only in Bali ^^ (kuta, legian, nusa dua/geger beach)  under drafting

my rating : ♥ ♥ ♥

pop hotel kuta beachThis hotel is located in Lebak Bene street. If you come from Kuta beach, you can reach it within 5min walk through Benesari street. I arrived here at midnight, greeted by friendly staffs and the check in process went quite fast. One thing I was amazed of when entering this hotel is how colorful it is (and I like colorful). On my way to my room, there are gray doors on my left and colorful doors on my right. When entering the room, you will see a capsule bathroom, a big bed facing to a flat tv hanging in the wall. I found some cute décor too.. the cloth hanger, toiletries arrangement and not to mention its bathroom..

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It’s also another one-year-late review, but better late than never ^^

address :
> 159/5 Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui, same complex with Ark Bar resort

contact :
> phone: –
> reference :   –

period of stay :  January 2012

room rate :  US$26/nite for twin bed room with Air-Con and swimming pool. Booked through . There is 1000 baht refundable deposit for room key.

related to my trip journal :
Partying in Koh Samui island (Forth Stop – Koh Samui, Thailand)
the Islands Hopping  from Thailand to Malaysia,

my rating : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I had great time in this hotel. Chaweng beach and Ark Bar are just behind the hotel. I like hanging out there at noon, afternoon, nite… They have a swimming pool and since their management has been taken by Ark Bar group, I think we can use Ark Bar pool too :p

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It’s another one-year-late review, but better late than never ^^

address :
> 53 Love Lane, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

contact :
> phone: +60-4-2638805
> website :

period of stay:  January 2012

room rate : rm25/nite/bed in a 4beds female dorm with Air-Con, include bfast. Booked through . There is rm100 refundable deposit for room key.

related to my trip journal :
the Fifth and Final Stop – Penang, Malaysia 
the Islands Hopping  from Thailand to Malaysia

my rating : ♥ ♥ ♥

Nothing much to say cause I stayed here for like 8 hours only. The bed is clean and so is the bathroom. The interior is like British old building, kinda spooky at nite. There is a guesthouse next to it. I think it’s called Red Inn. There is also a nice hangout place called Reggae. I dunno if that is a guesthouse too or just a café but I can see pool table inside it and hear its music from the street.

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This review is based on my last year stay . It took me a year to write it here ><“ 

address :
> Haad Rin, Koh Phangan (should see the map for exact location).

contact :
> phone: –
> reference :

period of stay :  January 2012

related to my trip journal :
>Visiting the Host of Fullmoon Party, Koh Phangan island… (Third Stop – Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand)
the Islands Hopping  from Thailand to Malaysia

room rate : THB 700/nite for twin bed with Air-Con and hot shower (room only). There is 500baht refundable deposit for room key.

my rating : ♥ ♥ ♥

I found this guesthouse through  First I booked for a single room but then upgrade it to twin-bed room cause my friend joined me last minute. My room is in their new wing. It is clean with kinda old furniture. The hot water is like boiling water ^^ but everything works. The receptionist is extremely helpful. Wi-fi works from outside the room.  While in the other wing, that supposed to be my room, is above their receptionist. It looks dark and older with wooden wall (if I am not mistaken).  So if you want to stay here, I would recommend to choose the room in their new wing. 

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